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The program "Erasmus" - University of Forestry - Sofia

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to the main page of Erasmus Program of the University of Forestry in Sofia. Here you can learn about this program, its history and purpose, to get information about how to take part in the program, as well as other useful things.


Here you can read about what was done at the University of Forestry under programs before Erasmus, about international cooperation in the field of education: textbooks were published, computer halls were equipped, a student workshop was organized; also, you can try your knowledge in Styles in Interior and Furniture by solving our tests, etc.

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The "Erasmus" program

The Erasmus Sector Program, part of the biggest European Education and Training Program "Lifelong Learning" (2007-2013), is directed at Higher Education and is one of the most successful initiatives of the European Commission.

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Contract for Student and Teacher mobility № 2008-ERA-MOB-15 between the National LLP Agency and the University of Forestry.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

The new Erasmus Policy Statement


Our partners under Erasmus program are different Higher Educational Institutions (Universities), with which we exchange students and implement different cooperation activities in the field of Higher education

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Office "Erasmus" - UF

The University of Forestry Erasmus-office prepares each academic year a new Contract with the National Lifelong Learning Agency at the Human Resources Center.

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Erasmus student charter

The status of Erasmus student applies to students who satisfy the Erasmus eligibility criteria and who have been selected by their university to spend an Erasmus study period abroad at a partner university in Europe.

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Programme Erasmus Human Resource DC